Announcing the presenters for Ignite Sydney 16

We’re pleased to announce the presenters for Ignite Sydney 16, which will take place during Global Ignite Week on Tuesday 16th May.

  • Amanzi Lawrence – How Theatresports improves communication
  • Elise McKenna – No more dead fish and dominators.
  • George Racz – Want to live longer? You should get tested!
  • Irena Nicholson – Rangas: an evolutionary dead end or superpower?
  • Janina Harper – Stop being busy
  • Karena Thomas – A love note to the chronically single
  • Maurits van der Vlugt – Where the streets have no name
  • Nick Kenny – Let’s talk about tantra
  • Nicki Escudero – Short-Circuiting
  • Paul Cannings – Grow your own future
  • Paul McManus – The joy of chilli
  • Pauline Lockie – WestConnex: What’s the big deal?
  • Rhiannon Tuntevski – I’m not narcisisstic
  • Sarah Ewen – Microphone phobia
  • Steve Kimmens – The dummy’s guide

You can buy tickets here (profits go to charity as always).

Call for presenters at Ignite Sydney 16

Ignite Sydney is back for 2017, and our first event of the year coincides with Global Ignite Week. During this week, hundreds of Ignite events around the world will be hosted, and we’re excited to join in the fun.

Right now we’re looking for passionate speakers who can deliver a 5-minute presentation, on any topic of your choice. If you’d like to have a go, please enter your proposal on the Submit page.

Presentations can be funny, clever, thought-provoking or even provocative – as long as they’re interesting, and don’t contain a sales-pitch.