Announcing the presenters for Ignite Sydney 18

We’re pleased to announce the presenters for Ignite Sydney 18 on Wednesday 5th December.

Alex Goswell: The Anatomy of Junior Doctors
Amanda Bainbridge: When did ‘need’ become a swear word?
Arthur Lee: The sinister side of life
Cheryl Gledhill: 246 toothpicks – parenting a child with autism
Claire Sawyers: Get It Wrong to Get It Right
Daniel Murray: Little Moments Really Matter
Jon Holloway: The end of retirement
Katja Forbes: The subtle art of Karaoke
Kaela O’Leary: Why we should woo like we find work
Petra Williams: Motorbikes, Mayhem and Love
Samantha Coates: From Zero to Muso in Five Ignite Minutes
Scott Portelli: 1000 days with whales
Shruti Shetty Rai: #MomLyfe – Second-class digital citizens of today
Stacey Walker: Is the work week dead?
Stefanie Vogt: #WithoutMe, a nuanced review of the #MeToo movement


Tickets are now available for $15, with the profits going to local charities.