Announcing the presenters for Ignite Sydney 16

We’re pleased to announce the presenters for Ignite Sydney 16, which will take place during Global Ignite Week on Tuesday 16th May.

  • Irena Nicholson – Rangas: an evolutionary dead end or superpower?
  • Karena Thomas – A love note to the chronically single
  • Maurits van der Vlugt – Where the streets have no name
  • Amanzi Lawrence – How Theatresports improves communication
  • Elise McKenna – No more dead fish and dominators
  • Pauline Lockie – WestConnex: What’s the big deal?
  • Nicki Escudero – Short-Circuiting
  • Paul Cannings – Grow your own future
  • Janina Harper – Stop being busy
  • Paul McManus – The joy of chilli
  • Nick Kenny – Let’s talk about tantra
  • George Racz – Want to live longer? You should get tested!
  • Sarah Ewen – Microphone phobia
  • Steve Kimmens – The dummy’s guide

You can buy tickets here (profits go to charity as always).