About Ignite Sydney

Ignite Sydney is a speedy presentation event. Each speaker gets 20 slides, and each slide changes after just 15 seconds – the result is a fun and exciting 5 minute presentation. You’re guaranteed a fun night of entertaining and educational presentations!

What people are saying

  • Going to Ignite Sydney is like attaching jumper cables to your inspiration – Matti
  • I’ve been to six Ignite Sydney’s and I’ve never ever been disappointed. It’s the best way to spend a week night – cheap thrills! – Irena
  • Ignite Sydney has this great mix of structure and chaos, serious and funny, thought-provoking and balls-out-crazy that I’ve never seen elsewhere. Mash a standup open-mic night with TED and a creative industry networking party that fundraises for charity and maybe you’re in the same neighbourhood – Alan
  • You can sit in front of the telly on a weeknight… Or you can have a laugh, drink and learn a lot from the amazing crew at Ignite Sydney. It’s the most fun, funny and inspiring night you can have on your feet! – Rosanne
  • At Ignite Sydney you get smartier, beerier and friendlier – Michael

Ignite Sydney is curated and managed by Stephen Lead. Photo above and on the homepage is by Halans Photography.