Managing the guest list

Thanks to everyone who came along to Ignite Sydney 7 – and we’re really sorry to those people who missed out.

A common question we received was “why do you release more tickets than the venue can hold?”

The problem is that (like all free events) we get an unknown number of drop-outs, usually at the last minute. If we don’t meet the minimum bar spend, we (personally) have to make up the difference, and since we’re a volunteer-run event we just don’t have the budget for that.

It’s really hard to gauge how many people will actually show up on the night, so we overbooked for Ignite Sydney 7. It looks like we underestimated the growing interest in Ignite Sydney, and we’re truly sorry if you weren’t able to get in last night.

We’ll look at ways to improve the system for the next event, including the option of charging online for a ticket. Our goal is to celebrate cool and inspiring things, and not to make money, so we would pass the funds directly to charity.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for how we could manage the guest list, so we can keep growing Ignite Sydney.