Announcing the presenters

We’re pleased to announce the presenters for Ignite Sydney 13, over on the Speakers page!

Grab your tickets via the Register link.

Submissions have now closed

Thanks to everyone to who submitted a presentation proposal for IgniteSydney 13. We’re working through the proposals now and will announce the presenters shortly.

Announcing Ignite Sydney 13

We need a glimmer of hope now that the holidays are over, so it’s time to announce that Ignite Sydney is back! Our lucky 13th event will take place on Tuesday 17th March.


Right now we’re looking for presentation proposals, so please head to the submit page to let us know your ideas for an Ignite talk.

Say no to charity-muggers

There’s a scourge in our fair city at the moment – walk down any street and you’ll be accosted by a faux-cheerful backpacker with a clipboard, asking you to donate to whatever charity they’re being paid to care about. One even interrupted me while I was reading my book in the park! Is nothing sacred to these monsters?

We understand that charities need money to operate, but the chuggers have reached plague proportions (and are doing untold damage to the charities’ brands). We want to support charities which don’t pester people on the street.

So we’ll be donating the profits from ticket sales from Ignite Sydney 13 to worthy charities, who quietly go about their business of helping people.

Please send your suggestions via @IgniteSydney.

About Ignite

about Ignite Sydney


If you had 5 minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds?

Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to enlighten us - quickly.

"Ignite Sydney is where you can have a beer, mingle and be inspired by smartypants people".

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